Makevention 2015: Wrapup

In 2015 we sparred with the Shire of Mynydd Seren from the Society for Creative Anachronisms, explored the myriad of projects from Bloominglabs, learned about locks from the Fraternal Order of Lockpicking Sport and Columbus Key, built (and destroyed!) cup towers with Wonderlab, checked out hand-made guitars with Ivy Tech, solved mechanical puzzles with the Lilly Library, cut out jigsaw puzzles with Press Puzzles, interacted with larger than life-sized puppets from Hamster Press/Klingel-Engle, rode a virtual roller coaster with the IU Tech Showcase, stacked containers with the Quadrangles FIRST Robotics Team, drooled over the MakerMobile with Velocity Indiana and the TechShop, built rain barrels with ShareBloomington, sewed LEDs into textiles with IU Creativity Labs, folded gigantic origami figures with Discardia, browsed hand-made items from Comfort and Joy and Patricia’s Wellness Arts Cafe, created videos with Level Up and the Monroe County Public Library, mixed additives into soap with Soapy Soap Company, watched the LEGO Rube Goldberg contraption from It’s a Block Party and much, much more.

Makevention 2016 is August 27 in the Bloomington Convention Center. So if you’re doing it yourself, come do it with us at Makevention!