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Meet the Makers: IU Tech Showcase

The IU Tech Showcare, part of the UITS, the central information technology department of Indiana University, will be bringing new and upcoming technology for makers and inventors to test and experiment with. These technologies will include an Oculus Rift, Thalmic Myo, and other surprises. Let the IU Tech Showcase show you what is possible!

Meet the Makers: The MakerMobile

The MakerMobile is a fab lab on wheels that serves to educate the Kentuckiana region and beyond!

The MakerMobile is a collaboration between Velocity Indiana and San Francisco-based TechShop. Complete with laser cutters, 3D printers, a CNC router, a vinyl cutter, and electronic kits, we aim to expose the surrounding area to the Maker Movement.

Also, we provide resources for getting people connected to more places where they can learn about advanced manufacturing.

You can find out more at

Meet the Makers: ShareBloomington – DIY Sustainability Solutions

ShareBloomington: DIY Sustainability Solutions will exhibit four maker projects that can help to make homes, apartments, neighborhoods, and the whole community more sustainable. (1) We have take-home instructions and an exhibition of a DIY Rainbarrel that can save money and time when integrated with a home garden (3 are eligible for sale for $20 and can be assembled on-site). (2) We have take-home instructions and an exhibition of a DIY Tiny Free Library that can help bring your neighbors together and provide a common good. (3) We have take-home instructions and hands-on audience-participation in the making of Vermiculture Compost Bins, with one set sized for apartments ($5), the other set sized for multi-person houses ($8). (4) We have take-home instructions and hands-on audience-participation in the making of DIY Cloth Shopping Bags ($1 each), to help our community cut-down on the use of disposable plastic bags. Supplies are limited, so it’s first-come, first-served!

Meet the Makers: Autonomous Outdoor Robot

Come check out an autonomous robot that will move around on a previously created 2D map. Either points can be setup in advance for the robot to move to, or points can be given to it in real time. The robot finds a path to get to the point. If something gets in it’s way it finds another path. If there is no path available, it will just sit there and wait for a path to open up, or wait for a new point to go to. Also, to some extent, the robot can recover when it’s wheels spin in place. The functioning robot is shown in this youtube video.

Meet the Makers: IU Creativity Labs

The IU Creativity Labs will be back for the 3rd year with their e-textile booth titled “Sew a little light into your life!” Come learn about the exciting new domain of e-textiles—electronics embedded into clothing and other soft articles. Then, learn how to use conductive thread to sew an LED light into a fabric bookmark! No prior experience with sewing or electronics needed.