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Mechanical Puzzle Collection @Lilly Library

Puzzle fans will love trying to solve the hands-on challenges from our collection—and learning from our Curator of Puzzles about how puzzle designers develop their deviously difficult creations. Get inspired for your next project!

The Jerry Slocum Collection of Mechanical Puzzles is the largest of its kind in the world, with over 35,000 puzzles that range from Japanese wooden boxes to Victorian era amusements to innovative laser-cut and 3D-printed designs.

Cardboard House Press

Dedicated to increased access to Latin American and Spanish literature and art,
we publish titles in an art book format. These books, made by hand in community-based workshops, feature recycled cardboard, marbled paper, stenciling, and hand-sewn binding, and full-color illustrated dust jackets.

Wild Endeavor

We’re a family of makers who produce supplies for geeky parents and kids. With a focus on creativity in a diverse range of media, we strive to make the world more magical every day—alone and together.


We honor the coexistence between plants, wooly creatures, and people, “from sheep to shawl”—through local and exotic plants and responsible fiber purveyors. Our pure, natural plant dyes, married with sustainably sourced fibers, result in unique, all-natural hand-dyed artists’ yarns.

We demonstrate knitting, crocheting, and spinning, and offer natural fibers perfect for everything from intricate lace knitting and weaving to chunky and funky art yarns.

Along with Comfort & Joy Fine Hand Knits, we also bring you unique handmade items featuring heirloom-quality lacework and Fair Isle colorwork. Gorgeous finished objects such as hats, shawls, and scarves are available as well.


We turn recycled, refurbished, reinvented, and reclaimed objects into unique industrial, steampunk, and funky pieces of art.

Soapy Soap Company: The Art of Soapmaking

We manufacture all-natural bar soap in Bloomington, Indiana.

Learn about our style and methods at our “Art of Soapmaking” workshop at Makevention. Mix your own natural soap additives—and leave our booth with your own very own hand-crafted soap.

HART Rock Wellness Arts Cafe

Quilter’s Comfort brand of artisan teas, herbal seasonings, condiments, and body care products are for sale, as well as original art prints and hardbound books.

Braided rug making, paper and fabric tesselations, upcycled and botanical dye, and herbal products and prints also demonstrated and displayed.

Aura Art Wear

Hand-formed wearables, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and neckwear—all formed of wire, by hand, with bead embellishments of glass, porcelain, wood, leather, and textiles.