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Meet the Makers: Robotic Drawing Collective

The Robotic Drawing Collective is a group of robots operating out of a bedroom in Bloomington, IN. They draw pictures. For this exhibit, the RDC will be bringing one of the drawing robots, a repurposed vinyl cutting machine, which will draw live. In addition, there will be an interactive software program, written in Processing, one of the custom tools that the RDC uses to create drawings, that visitors will be able to control. Images made using it could be drawn. Also, drawings will be displayed and sold, both matted and framed.

Meet the Makers: Jerry Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection at Indiana University’s Lilly Library

The Jerry Slocum Collection of Mechanical Puzzles embodies a lifetime pursuit of the intriguing and the perplexing. The result is the largest assemblage of its kind in the world, with over 35,000 puzzles and 4,000 puzzle related books. The puzzles in the collection range from Victorian era amusements to cutting edge designs by modern designers who use laser cutters and three-dimensional printing to create their designs. Learn about the fourteen different types of puzzles and the different challenges each pose. Puzzles from our hands-on collection will be at the booth for attendees to solve. This year we are also proud to have a group of hands-on puzzles 3D printed puzzles for attendees to try as well. Hear from the Lilly Library’s Curator of Puzzles about how puzzle designers develop their deviously difficult creations, and just maybe find a new idea for your next project. Or stop by and chat with IU Libraries Scholarly Technologies Librarian Leanne Nay about the different maker related projects occurring at the IU Libraries and on campus.

Meet the Makers: climagic

climagic will inspire attendees to get involved in circuit electronics, microcontrollers, etc. by showing off various projects.

Interactive exhibits planned:
+ 3 x 6 foot mini golf game (lights and sounds when you get the ball in)
+ internet controlled lights (
+ IR remote control to light and sound demo
+ banana piano
+ attendee counter
+ parking warning light
+ Something with other sensors.

Non interactive exhibits:
+ LED tower
+ light paintcan
+ Some other small exhibits.