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Meet the Makers: Success Work! and Creative Indiana

Success Work! and Creative Indiana will be hosting an Entrepreneur Igniter and Innovation Incubator. They will be inviting the community to “make” ideas using a variety of creative thinking tools that can be applied to any situation needing solutions or new directions. Join their table and be introduced to take-home breakthrough thinking tools customized to your situation and stay to join a group brainstorm scheduled throughout the day. And for those interested in entrepreneurism, use the creative thinking process to identify the gaps and opportunities for business ventures, find those who might share the same interest and begin developing strategies.

Meet the Makers: 2014 Exhibitors

Check out our past exhibitor list:

Meet the Makers: IU Creativity Labs

The IU Creativity Labs will be joining Discardia again, bringing their e-textile activities to our textile booth. E-textiles, which combine wearable items and electronics, are gaining prominence for the interesting way in which they merge high- and low-tech, and for their educational potential in teaching circuitry and programming. Come learn about this emerging maker field, and sew your own simple circuit with conductive thread, a sewable LED, a switch, and a battery! We’ll also have several e-textile projects on display, including some made with a sewable, programmable microcontroller (, and information will be available on how you can get started with your own projects.

Meet the Makers: Hamster Press & Klingel-Engle Puppets

Hamster Press is a small Indiana company with the motto “Creativity isn’t cheating.” We have a tradition of whimsy in our production of games, puppets and puppet shows and our sale of an unusual assortment of commercial puppets and plush critters. Hamster Press card, board and book based products are Engle matrix games designed in Monroe County. Klingel-Engle Puppets is a micro-division of Hamster Press that creates puppets, puppet scripts and professionally performs puppet shows and walk about. We embrace the cycle of creativity and encourage others to be creative through encouraging game designers and puppeteers through Game Design Group and pursuits with the Puppeteers of America and the Indiana Puppetry Guild.

At Makevention, they will have marionette and game demonstrations. Maybe even take a puppet for a walk around the Convention Center.