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Makevention 2018 was August 25th

We would like to thank everyone who came out for making this another awesome year for Makevention! Thanks to our sponsors (IU SICE, IU PTI, IU SoE, and Cook Group), without you Makevention could not happen. Also, thanks to all of our exhibitors who participated, everyone had a great time because of you. Last but not least, thanks to the Monroe Convention Center.

See everyone again next year!

Bloominglabs Fundraiser

Bloominglabs (co-host of Makevention) has to move! For the past 3 years we’ve enjoyed our current location which is on the future site of the Switchyard Park. The city is ready to begin making progress on the park which means we’ve received an eviction notice. Thankfully we have found a new location, but now we need to raise funds to support our relocation. We are fundraising for our future home and hope to use Makevention to help. Please see our GoFundMe for more details. Thanks!

Makevention 2015: Wrapup

In 2015 we sparred with the Shire of Mynydd Seren from the Society for Creative Anachronisms, explored the myriad of projects from Bloominglabs, learned about locks from the Fraternal Order of Lockpicking Sport and Columbus Key, built (and destroyed!) cup towers with Wonderlab, checked out hand-made guitars with Ivy Tech, solved mechanical puzzles with the Lilly Library, cut out jigsaw puzzles with Press Puzzles, interacted with larger than life-sized puppets from Hamster Press/Klingel-Engle, rode a virtual roller coaster with the IU Tech Showcase, stacked containers with the Quadrangles FIRST Robotics Team, drooled over the MakerMobile with Velocity Indiana and the TechShop, built rain barrels with ShareBloomington, sewed LEDs into textiles with IU Creativity Labs, folded gigantic origami figures with Discardia, browsed hand-made items from Comfort and Joy and Patricia’s Wellness Arts Cafe, created videos with Level Up and the Monroe County Public Library, mixed additives into soap with Soapy Soap Company, watched the LEGO Rube Goldberg contraption from It’s a Block Party and much, much more.

Makevention 2016 is August 27 in the Bloomington Convention Center. So if you’re doing it yourself, come do it with us at Makevention!

Meet the Makers: Cogbots

Cogbots are the Gearologists. They build gears so that other makers can build the functional kinetic machines and gizmos they dream of. From standard gear bricks and kits to custom designs, Cogbots helps makers all over the globe. This year they will also be sharing their new invention, GearLab Jr with the Makevention attendees.

Meet the Makers: LizzyPoptronics

LizzyPoptronics consists oftwo ladies, Liz and Poppe, who are recent graduates of the IU Human Computer Interaction design program. They make interactive LED fashion electronic accessories and jewelry. Their goal is to enhance your already awesome time without being disruptive. They’re currently in the prototype and launch stages and hope to have production models to buy within the year. Follow them on social media or check for blog posts to get updates.

Meet the Makers: Bloomington High School South FIRST Robotics Team

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a worldwide competitions of life size robots build by high school students. Team 3494 the Quadrangles from Bloomington High School South will be demoing their 2013 robot “Thumper” as it shoots, catches and manipulates a 25″ inflated ball. Students will provided detailed discussion of the robots function and answer any questions about the organization, robot or other outreach efforts.

Meet the Makers: Ivy Tech

Get help designing, building, and programming robots at this free workshop series. You can use your own robot, or get hands-on experience using one of Ivy Tech’s robot kits. Current Ivy Tech students in the Design, Engineering, Industrial, and Computer Information Systems programs will be available for help and assistance. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about the world of robotics!