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Sentient Architecture: Meet a Dendrite (ISE Summer Camp)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) demonstrates, the built environment is becoming increasingly more complex and integrated. Understanding how technologies like these affect the people living amongst them is urgent.

We show you how to construct a feathery, illuminated moving sculpture from dendrite, a piece of living architecture consisting of a sensor and several actuators.

Quadrangles Robotics

Robots Large and Small

Watch our experienced drivers maneuver robots to complete tasks—then you give it a try! Our student team members answer your questions about robots and help you learn to drive them.

We’re Quadrangles, high school FIRST Robotics Team 3494 in Bloomington. Each year we compete in district, state, and world robotics tournaments.

Looming Fun

We use various-sized looms to demonstrate how weaving has been done throughout history—and let you try too. Also take home a weaving craft you make.

Mark Krenz

Try circuit electronics, microcontrollers, and more:

• Banana Piano
• Fidget Spinner RPM Counter
• Infrared to Light & Sound
• Internet-Controlled Lights
• People Counter
• Parking Warning Light
• LED Light Tower